Taking responsibility & acting sustainably

Corporate Social Responsibility at TMC

Why is it so dark here?

Our ambition

CSR focuses on corporate responsibility and is based on the 4 pillars: employees, market, community and environment. Yes, that sounds a bit theoretical, but we put this subject into practice: Our sustainability team around our CSR Manager Martina meets regularly, plans new projects, evaluates the effect of individual actions and initiates new ones. We continue to work, step by step, to continuously improve and make our contribution to a more sustainable tomorrow.

For us, responsibility and sustainability are not hollow words, but lived reality. We have tomorrow's world in our sights today. Because while – to use marketing language – there is a plan B for many projects, there is no such thing as a planet B. That's why our actions are determined by a sustainable approach to our resources and the environment in order to steadily reduce our ecological footprint over the long term. And our sense of responsibility goes even further.

Sustainability and CSR are firmly anchored in our corporate mindset and actions – and they are lived out in practice. We have a responsibility towards our employees, our customers and our partners, and we are convinced that fair, positive interaction and open exchange pave the way for optimal social and ecological conditions.

Mirco Welsing
Lara Vassmer

Our goals on the basis of SDGs and UNO

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are political objectives of the United Nations (UN). The aim of these 17 SDGs is to ensure sustainable development at the economic, social and ecological levels. For us, the following SDGs are specifically relevant:

Massnahmen zum Klimaschutz Geschlechter-Gleichheit Menschenwürdige Arbeit und Wirtschaftswachstum Hochwertige Bildung Gesundheit und Wohlergehen Nachhaltige/r Konsum und Produktion

Our approach

The topic of sustainability is more than just a project for us; it is deeply integrated into our strategic approach. It doesn't run alongside daily business , but a team around our Managing Director Mirco and CSR Manager Martina dedicates itself to the topics with passion and strategy. We develop concepts for topics, measures and regularly review their effectiveness. If needed, we improve the concepts.

Our actions

Sustainability and a sense of responsibility have been firmly anchored in our company for a long time, even when the terms were not as present in the media as they are today. We have already reached some milestones, but we will of course continue to work on these issues, set ourselves new goals and continue to pursue them with passion and conscious action.


We do not work on global sustainability issues behind closed TMC doors, but look beyond the end of our noses. We are convinced that far-reaching changes are only possible if many people pull together and an open exchange can take place. That is why we have joined various initiatives and are also involved in voluntary work:

Deutsches Rotes Kreuz Klimainitiative OWL Wirtschaftsförderung Paderborn
Familienfreundliches Unternehmen - Kreis Paderborn 2021
Unternehmensnetzwerk Klimaschutz - Unternehmensnetzwerk Klimaschutz


We value good cooperation. We’re also acutely aware of our own corporate responsibility. That’s why our code of conduct applies internally to our employees as well as externally when working with customers, suppliers and business partners.

Code of conduct

  • Our mission
  • Responsibility for people and nature
  • Ethical principles

  • Confidentiality
  • Handling of breaches
Get in touch. Martina Zurmühlen
Martina Zurmühlen

Management Assistant

Ready for a shared sustainability moment?

Contact Martina as the main responsible

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