Eigenland® – the innovative workshop method

for effective and sustainable results.

A unique combination of playful, haptic, digital and intuitive components. Individually tailored to your needs.

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Innovative workshop method

Anything but boring: Workshops designed in a completely different way

Eigenland is an effective and human-centered workshop method that offers you a unique combination of playful, haptic, digital and intuitive elements. The formula for success? Eigenland relies on the expertise of the participants, involves them in an active and playful way to successfully transfer the knowledge and experience of your team into effective and measurable workshop results!

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Playful strategy tool.
Because gamification works!


Intuitive evaluation

Eigenland uses the intuitive rating of the participants by means of tokens.


High effectiveness

Without time-consuming discussions, an evaluation is carried out that reveals potential for improvement, identifies bottlenecks and challenges, and is also action-oriented.


Immediate results

An IT-supported visualization shows all results immediately.


Every opinion counts

All participants of the workshop are involved, both opinion leaders and silent thinkers. Lightning-fast scoring unleashed results that were determined by the entire team.


Maximum of one workshop day needed - no marathon workshop week

The workshop will take a minimum of one hour and a maximum of one day. The number of participants is variable, between 4 and 12 people per group can participate. Of course, several groups can play Eigenland in parallel, so that up to 200, 300 or more people can participate.

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Productive, intuitive and participative

The clear vote of our customers: Outstanding, efficient and fast. Through the participative method combined with intuitive actions, situations are quickly analysed and experience gained. The entire team is involved in this process. It therefore reveals the adjusting screws that need to be turned.

TMC is a certified Eigenland consultant

TMC _ The Marketing Company is a certified Eigenland consultant since 2017. We are more than convinced of this method and the extremely positive feedback from our customers prove us right.

The whole package: Our services include the preparation, execution and follow-up of the workshop. Each workshop is prepared and planned in close coordination and highly individually with the customer. All workshop results are immediately accessible digitally for all participants. As certified Eigenland trainers, we take over the moderation and execution of the workshop.

What our customers say


"I liked the idea that the whole team is actively involved. It' s something you often see in workshops, that there are pack leaders and silent participants. The latter often don't dare to say anything because of hierarchical thinking, even though they have good ideas and razor-sharp analyses. For this, Eigenland is great, everyone participates, and the result is a reflection of the opinion of the entire team."

– Gebrüder Lödige Maschinenbau GmbH 


"The best workshop method I have encountered so far. Because of the 'anonymous' expression of opinions on the evaluation stones, it comes to very honest results. This workshop really took us further and uncovered many things."

– Spartherm Feuerungstechnik GmbH 


"As an experienced coach with a business background for many years, I was initially skeptical about whether Eigenland would work out in practice. I was quickly proved wrong, because I have never before experienced a workshop method that reveals potential for improvement so quickly and at the same time is very action-oriented."

–  Stahl, Partner für Bäcker GmbH


"I'm fascinated by the idea of play and the brevity in which really effective, usable and also digitally captured results are revealed. The playful moment inspires everyone, arouses motivation and emotion, which was excellent for our team." 

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You have become curious about Eigenland? Would you like to learn more about our innovative, human-centered and participative workshop method? Or have you already got to know Eigenland, are convinced and are planning an Eigenland workshop? Then we are the right partner for you! As certified Eigenland consultants, we will plan your workshop together with you! We are looking forward to supporting the success of your company with this effective workshop method!

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