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In this Code of Conduct, we describe the general principles of conduct of TMC GmbH, TMC Amplio GmbH and TMC Live GmbH (hereinafter referred to as TMC). 

We expect that our business partners also adhere to these values. We regard compliance with the law, honesty, reliability, respect, and trust, in particular, as core principles for good cooperation and longstanding business relationships. We aim to adapt permanently to changing conditions and develop solutions for our customers in our role as innovator and partner.  

Situations that could lead to a personal conflict of interest between customers, suppliers, or other business partners, employees, and our company are to be avoided. Nonetheless, should such situations arise, they shall be identified and resolved in a responsible manner.

Regardless of regulations and laws, we regard it as self-evident to respect and protect the personal and human rights of each individual. We proscribe child and forced labor and do not allow any discrimination based on ethnic origin, religion, age, disability, sexual identity, or gender. Neither violence nor intimidation, bullying or sexual harassment in the workplace are tolerated by us. All decisions made within TMC are done so on the basis of factual and transparent considerations, taking into account the requirements of the International Labor Organization (ILO) (promoting rights at work, fostering decent employment opportunities, improving social protection, and strengthening dialog on labor-related issues). Within the scope of our corporate goals 2024+, we especially promote Sustainable Development Goal 8 (SDG 8) “Decent work and honest growth”.

We ensure the safety of our employees at the workplace and offer a health-focused working environment. We guarantee occupational health and safety within the scope of the applicable national regulations and support enhanced development for improving the working world. All employees are compensated fairly and appropriately for their work.

We use non-renewable resources in an ecologically meaningful way to protect the environment and preserve the natural basis of life. In our energy policy, we are committed to resource-saving and economical use of energy at our company headquarters as well as at external locations and with customers so that we can significantly reduce or ideally neutralize our energy consumption and the associated CO² emissions by 2024 sustainably and in compliance with the relevant requirements under energy law. We will provide the necessary resources to achieve these energy goals in accordance with the principle of proportionality.

We categorically reject bribery and corruption of any kind. They damage both competition and the free market economy. Neither offering and granting nor demanding and accepting undue advantage will be tolerated by us. This not only applies to personal gain: we are awarded contracts because our customers are convinced by our offer and services. We observe and adhere to the guidelines of our business partners on the acceptance and granting of incentives.

TMC is guided by the values of a reputable business and is bound by the principles of the social market economy. We are committed to fair and performance-oriented competition. In particular, this means that we refrain from participating in cartels or other anti-competitive or unfair practices. Our employees do not make verbal or written agreements with competitors about prices or targeted markets. We act with caution and prudence at all times in our dealings and communication with competitors. Our internal reporting provides the basis for decision-making by our management and fulfilling our obligations to our different stakeholder groups. Correct, complete, and appropriate accounting is mandatory for all of our business activities. All business transactions, important documents (e.g. contracts), records, and other information must be processed, stored, and retained in accordance with statutory regulations and our own internal guidelines and procedures. 

We do not participate in concealing the origin of funds from illegal sources (money laundering) nor do we finance terrorism or other illegal activities. We want to conduct business relationships exclusively with reputable partners who, like us, act within the law, respect the law, and uphold lawfulness. We take reasonable precautions to identify our business partners in order to fulfill this claim.

We observe and follow export bans, sanctions, and embargoes in international business. Our employees or specialist partners implement all country-specific processes for export and import control.

We frequently gain knowledge from our customers and business partners that is not known to outsiders and therefore is not public. We use such insider information neither for our own gain nor for the benefit of third parties and also do not use it against our customers and business partners. We treat personal and other data with care and ensure that personal rights are not violated. All employees are trained in and aware of data protection law. We proceed with extreme caution in particular in terms of the collection and processing of personal data. We observe data protection laws and designate competent bodies to take responsibility for ensuring compliance with these laws.

Violations of our values, this Code of Conduct, or statutory regulations can result in serious disadvantages for TMC. Infringements will not be tolerated by us and, depending on the severity of the misdemeanor, can have consequences under labor law, civil law, and ultimately criminal law.

Version dated: 5/5/2022

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