If your company solves problems by creating new ones...

... rethink your strategy!

A campaign for
more courage in marketing!

German Angst
describes a typical
German behavior.

A behaviour to face something new with scepticism, hesitation and fear. And to have a new problem for every solution. With intelligent methods and approaches we want to contribute to overcoming the typical German behaviour in coping with digital challenges, to promote the will to change and adaptability and to encourage people to take the digital path with a willingness to take risks and be innovative!

is not a danger,
but an opportunity!

The way we perceive our environment is always subjective. Things that we like attract our attention. What we do not like, what we do not like to hear: ... we like to block them out. From an entrepreneurial point of view, this human characteristic can have fatal consequences. Such "blind spots", for example, often develop into a rejection of new technologies, processes or trends.

"Everything should stay
the way it is.”

Because that is how we have been successful so far. Or "Never change a running system" are well-known thought patterns.

In any case, nothing is as constant as change. Societies change their behaviour regularly, developments are often subject to a kind of pendulum motion. Anyone who "stays the same" in such a situation could quickly be one of the losers.

Prove your
courage in marketing now!

Recognize the opportunities of current and future changes early on.
With us as your strategic partner.

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